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Neville Kingsberry, Principal Licensee

Townsville is in my blood. Having been born, raised and educated here more years ago than it seems, I have experienced first-hand the changing face of our great city. I always had an interest in property and spent some twenty eight years administering the estates of others at the Public Trustee before taking ownership, with my wife Rosemary, of Brownhill Kirk Realty, the oldest established Real Estate Company in Townsville. That was a very proud day for both of us as we faced a challenging future with excitement, confidence in our ability to make it work and a sense of urgency heightened by having three small children and soon to be four under seven. 

When I took over this respected small business in 1984, I worked tirelessly to grow and modernise it. It's no secret that I thoroughly enjoy commodity auctioneering which draws bidders from well outside the local area. I'm not sure that it's true that some attend for the jokes and repartee but I can attest that, no matter how long or tiring the day, everyone remains alert, interested and in good spirits throughout. The end result is always a successful auction, satisfied client and an enjoyable time for all. 

If I have a regret it would be that I did not go into business earlier. However, any regret is eclipsed by the years of satisfaction and enjoyment in building a well recognized and respected name based on old fashioned values of hard work, honesty, integrity and commitment to our Aussie heritage of a fair go for all. I am a proud person, proud of my wonderful family, proud of Kingsberry Property and the wonderful team of people who work with me there and proud that a core of those original clients of 1984 are still with us today. I am also quietly chuffed, ok, maybe not so quietly, that our son Ben has now joined the business and offers a younger mindset together with his knowledge and experience based on the same values I have always espoused.

Rosemary Kingsberry, Principal

For the past twenty years I have been working in our business, building and managing Kingsberry Body Corporate Management. Previously I was a secondary teacher and taught in high schools across the state. I am a born and bred Townsvillean and proud of it. 

I loved teaching and hence, when committing to the business meant changing careers for the long term it was important to me not only to succeed but also to continue to enjoy interacting with others and to set the bar high in relation to professional and service standards. In the early years it was important to maintain a balance between family and work as we raised four wonderful children, two boys and two girls who are now well educated and successful adults but more importantly good and interesting people whose company I always enjoy. 

Our family has now expanded to include our much loved daughter in law, son in law and two gorgeous grandsons. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed people. Those who know me will agree that I love a chat. What better forum than a body corporate meeting! I strongly believe that one must have a thirst for knowledge and new skills in order to learn and to grow. When I was a very young my father, who passed when I was 18, wrote in my autograph book (a must have at that time): "Always turn your face towards the sun and the shadows fall behind you". This and my Mother's well known expression: "I'd rather wear out than rust out" and the inherent character reflected in these expressions have been very strong contributory factors to my work ethic, direct no nonsense approach and determination to get things done.

Benjamin Kingsberry, Principal

Ben worked as a registered property Valuer, in Brisbane, after graduating from QUT.  With over 10 years experience, he moved ‘back up north’ and joined his parents as a Director in 2011.

As managing director, Ben has an unparalleled commitment to delivering an unrivaled experience for clients with the same level of honesty and integrity synonymous with the Kingsberry name.  

"I am constantly striving to ... simply do things better".

With his fresh approach to business, Ben likes to challenge tradition and is committed to raising the bar within the local market.  

Ben loves Townsville and believes this city provides the best lifestyle in the world!