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How to appoint a selling agent. What's the first step? An appraisal of your property.

This means having an agent coming to your home, whether it is because you are interested in selling, or want an idea on its worth. Aspects of the home we will observe include location, type, size, age and condition. This is obligation-free. That means we won't pressure you to sell or appoint us. 

If you decide you do have property for sale, and use Harcourts Kingsberry Townsville to be your agent, it's time to talk shop. We will do research in the area and present you with an appropriate price. Next we consider which form of sale would be best, i.e. setting a price or going to auction , along with marketing ideas and strategies. Remember here too that it is your home. Your decision. We will only guide you. 

The formal agreement for Harcourts Kingsberry Townsville to sell your home will be confirmed with a completed PAMD Form 22a. 
This form will outline: 
  • what services you are appointing us to undertake 
  • what sort of marketing strategy we will implement 
  • any other conditions, such as list price 

We will go through this form in detail with you in order to ensure that you fully understand everything included within it.

Prepare your home for sale

First impressions count. 

This is true on a first date, job interview, and sale of your home. If your home looks fresh and well maintained, outside and in, the first impression is likely to be good. Value is added from the start. 

Your Harcourts Kingsberry Townville agent will recommend minor improvements to make on the home that will likely increase your return. Make a start on these improvements as soon as possible. If major improvements are needed, consult your agent . Major renovations may not return full dollar value to you in the sale.

For Sale versus Auction

Which option is best is based on your home, and needs. Your agent will give you recommendations regarding which would likely yield the best results. The below information briefly describes each: 

For Sale 

Your home goes onto the market with a predetermined asking price agreed between you and your agent, based on market analysis. There is no official sale date. 

Your agent may still recommend a regular 'open home' and will discuss the options for your marketing strategy. Potential buyers will either accept the predetermined price or, start by making a lower offer. It's usually best to have your agent handle the negotiations, which will be aimed at raising the offered amount so that we can achieve the highest possible sale price for you. 

Something to note - there is a 5 day ‘cooling off period' during which the purchaser may withdraw with a minor penalty, following acceptance of the offer.

This method of sale is effective in the long term and targets buyers who want to visit homes in a specific price range. These buyers are often not in a position to place bids at a sale by auction, and most commonly these offers will be subject to conditions such as finance and building inspections. It is also attractive to those serious buyers who feel they are more likely to succeed with this method than bidding publicly in an auction. 

Points to remember: 
  • The predetermined price will turn out to be the maximum paid or the basis of lower offers. 
  • The open-ended timeframe can result in the property for sale being on the market for a longer time increasing advertising costs and extending the date of settlement. 

Auctions in Townsville

Auctions are designed to expose your property to the maximum number of buyers, maximise your sale price and minimise the number of days your home is on the market. 

Your home is put up for sale on a specified date and this is preceded by an intensive marketing campaign and selected ‘open days' all of which indicate your commitment to sell. 

The contract of sale is on your terms, and the conditions of the sale are predetermined. The impending auction date can create a sense of urgency and desirability amongst buyers. You are not obliged to accept an offer that does not reach your reserve price. You can however decide to negotiate with the highest bidder/s. 

Auctions offer extra opportunities for a property for sale because an offer can be made before, during or after the auction date. Once a sale is made, whether by accepting an offer in writing before auction day, or at the fall of the hammer on the day itself, the buyer must pay a deposit to secure the property. This means the sale is final, both parties are bound to it and there is no cooling off period for the buyer. 

This method of sale is aimed at letting the market determine the highest price for your home. 

Points to remember: 
  • Some potential buyers will be excluded, in particular those who don't want to risk losing money on the cost of building, pest and other inspections if they are outbid. 
  • No stated price opens your home to a much broader range .

Attracting Buyers

It's time to start getting buyers excited! How do we do this? By showing buyers your home is their next one. 

We will arrange good quality photographs be taken, and have a chat to you about why you bought the property? What attracted you to this home? What features do you think are most "sell-worthy"? 

We will transform these words into marketing magic which you will review and approve if suitable. 

Over the coming weeks we will market the property and do our best to secure the best possible offer. We will conduct open homes, make contact with our wide ranging list of potential buyers and promote your property whenever possible, along with many other things that you won't need to worry about.

What happens when I receive an offer?

We will contact you and present the offer. We will tell you what we recommend you do. 

If you decide to accept an offer, form contract documentation will be completed and the property will be ‘under contract.' It is likely that this contract will come along with some conditions - such as building/pest inspections and finance. These conditions will have timeframes attached in which they need to be satisfied, and it is our job to manage the offer and do our best to ensure that the contract is completed. 

After a period of time, when conditions attached to the contract have been satisfied, the contract is considered to be unconditional. From this point onward the sale is largely managed by solicitors, who will arrange the settlement process. Settlement will be on a nominated day as stipulated by the contract. 

Then it's time to break open the bubbly and celebrate! If you don't wish to accept an offer, that's fine. We will continue our efforts until you receive an offer you are satisfied with.

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